Handy Linux Shortcuts and How To’s

Here’s some linux tricks I use in my line of work. I find them useful, you may not. You decide.

Delete all files and folders recursively, including hidden ones

The example below will remove all folders called .svn within the current directory

find . -name ".svn" -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;

Rename file extensions within a folder

The example will rename files with a .jpg extension to .png within the current directory

for f in *.jpg; do mv ./"$f" "${f%jpg}png"; done

Disk space usage per directory

Returns human-readable (ie. mb, kb, gb instead of a long number) total bytes for the current directory

du -ch | grep total

Download all files of a certain type from a website

The example will download all .flv files from [URL]

wget [URL] -r -l2 -A.flv -H -nd

I’ll update this with anything new I think is useful. In 4 years I haven’t found anything further that’s useful to me so don’t check back with any vigour.

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Isometric Projection with JavaScript in HTML5 vs Flash and Actionscript

Recently I decided to build part of a game that used an isometric projection for displaying the game board using HTML5.
Dirty plagiarist that I am, I found an excellent (albeit very old) tutorial by Danko Kozar for doing this. However it was written in Actionscript. No bother – I just modified the code to work in HTML5. This meant I could more or less ignore the theory of how isometric projection works and just get down to the business of doing it. Porting the code was easy. As it says in the tutorial:

These tutorials can be used for programming an isometric game in many programming languages not just in Flash. They are more about game programming than about Flash programming.

Here’s the swf from Danko’s tutorial:
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Dynamic Leaderboard

So you want to create a dynamic leaderboard that changes on the fly using jQuery? Well do ya?

Here’s the scenario: you have some cool (to you at least) data that you want to put up on a webpage/kiosk/touchscreen/smartphone that animates beautifully in real time to update the results.

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Handy Linux Shortcuts and How To’s

Here’s some linux tricks I use in my line of work. I find them useful, you may not. You decide.
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Friend Photomosaics

Turn your Facebook profile picture into a photomosaic made up of your friends profile pictures.

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PHP Chart Class

Create line or bar charts and graphs within php. They can be output directly or image files created.

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Drawing Gallery

Create your own drawing

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Create Flash Drawing

A collection of many spontaneous drawings generated with Flash

Over a thousand random drawings created since 2003.

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Font List

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PHP Thumbnail Script

A script for converting images to different sizes inline, with support for server caching.

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Flash Chess

Chess program designed to learn from player interaction. Made with flash and PHP server technology, the finished version will (in theory) be able to beat all players that aren’t as good as players that have played the system often.

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